Monday, February 1, 2016

Alles was du wissen musst

Hallo willkommen zu meiner Welt!

Ah glad you could join me in this fine moments. I will now tell you the fine details of my daily life here in Germany, Cottbus to be even more specific. If you were to look at this city through the eyes of an everyday german citizen. You would probably only see grey and lots of memories of the DDR. Haha but in my eyes it is not too bad, although it can be a tad boring in the worldly aspect because there is literally nothing to do on P-Day. In case you are wondering we mostly just walk around and do some window shopping or if you are my companion you are buying every piece of clothing you can before you leave back to America.

This week we have a little bit more on our agenda to talk about, unless my short attention span or short term memory kicks in then all will be lost...mwhaha. Anyways first thing I want to talk about is....the devil is real! Don't go messing around with that stuff!
Because I am the District-Leader I hear everything that goes down with the missionaries here in this area because I talk with them every night. And last week I heard some pretty borderline creepy stuff. I am glad this didn't happen to me but it is still only a hop and a skip away. But this week I heard the story of a lady who basically invited the Elders over so they could cast out an evil spirit out of here. I know what you are thinking, sounds really sketch and it is. Even President said that we need to take this stuff seriously and be ready in case something crazy goes down. Anyways a little back story to all of this is that this lady got into weird spiritual energy stuff or whatever you want to call it but spiritualism. Hoping you know what I am talking, I am not sure how to explain it but it is not uncommon.
She got into it because of her aunt. And then as she got deeper into it and met this guy and they were doing this stuff together, and then one day the guy calls hers and tells her to lay down on the floor and that he was going to send her this spirit though the phone, and she even described the wavy feeling coming up her back and that ever since then she has been having split personalities and she will wake up and have scratches on her body and other weird things. So yeah really creepy, but in the end when the missionaries met with her she was really excited about the gospel and she really thought it would be a good direction for her life and that she needs to put some more light into her light because there is a whole lot of shall we say bad influences around these parts. But after hearing all this I even had a weird experience the very same night and yeah I didn't sleep to well.
Haha but all is well now. I just wanted you all to know that this stuff is real and that you shouldn't mess with powers that don't come from God. Even if you may think that there are good things that come from it. Satan still has the power to duplicate wonders. But I know there is one thing that he can not replicate and that is peace, only God can bring peace to your life, so put your trust into the right sources, namely God and Jesus Christ. And I have an example, which actually really surprised me when I heard about it. So there is this lady in the ward, and we visit her and her husband at least every other week because they invite us over to eat. And they are some of the most sincere people you could meet and really great members, they are some of the very few german members that really try to do missionary work. But anyways amazing impression of them right? Well I come to find out that this lady has/had schizophrenia. And that she would do weird things sometimes and proclaim that the book of mormon isn't true and give random people blessings and stuff like that. Which totally surprised me right? Because she is just an outstanding member.
Then I heard a little bit more of the story and so this lady was also into this spiritualism stuff or one form of it or another and had the pendulums and everything. And the only thing that stopped this behavior of hers and stopped her from being schizophrenic was....drum roll.... the gospel! Because she reads in the scriptures everyday and comes to church and prays and does all these wonderfully simple things from the gospel. She is completely normal now and doesn't even take any medications anymore. For me that is a miracle and witness of the power of the gospel. You never know what kind of sicknesses are influenced by the Widersacher. Trippy stuff!

A couple other random things to note, is that we are as of last week now teaching a priest from another church. Haha pretty interesting right? He is pretty open so that is good but we will have to see if he is willing enough to do the things that we ask. He has already said that God and Jesus Christ are first and that the church is second, so at least he has the right mindset, hopefully he is humble enough to change churches if the Lord tells him too. haha Also after many tries at trying to contact this person we talked to a while ago on the street. We finally met with Eleanora, a Russian student here in Cottbus. She is pretty cool and I am glad I finally convinced to just sit down with at a cafe and talk with us. Have no fear though! Because we won! Which means we will definitely be meeting again. Someday I will send you pictures of the people that I have day to day contact with. And even more news one of our other investigators his name is Obada, he has decided to quit smoking! Woo! I don't recall whether I have said a lot about him or not but he is basically our 20 year old syrian buddy that we teach and sometimes got to American Diner with here in Cottbus. Refugees really do have quite a hard time here in Germany, I am pretty sure most people are completely unaware of their situation that they live in. It would make me go crazy that is for sure. Not to mention you have the majority of German looking down on you and hating you because you are a refugee. It is good that we can do our best to be a good influence on him. We will get him to church someday! haha

Oh yeah haha this week we had an exchange with the zone leaders and both of them stayed and worked in Cottbus because it would take to long to go all the way back to Freiberg. But what is funny is that it was hardly an exchange because we basically went to visit President Kosak the former mission president. Not just to go hang out but because he has two slipped discs in his back so he has not been having a good time as of recently and we wanted to go and cheer him up. Haha fortunately and unfortunately it cheered him up a little bit too much and we spent way too much time with him and sister Kosak. Haha going schwarz with the zone leaders. Haha no not really but even President Kosak sent us a text later saying sorry that he kept us for too long and that it really did cheer him up and that the pain went away while we were there.

Anyways I could keep going with the fine details of this week and I even forgot to mention a few other cool things that happened this week. Na ja I can never get a 100th of the things that happen during the week into these letters. Well I hope you enjoyed my rants and interesting experiences. And I wish you a wonderful week and pray for your well being. Love y'all!

Elder Foster

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