Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Was geht ab?!


Alright, alright, alright lets get this letter going! Well this week went by pretty fast to say the least. As per usual I can barely remember it. But I will just start going off on stuff and we will see what happened from there. So I don't remember if I ever told you before but in this ward they actually have a choir, yes not too common around these parts, or at least in the areas I have served in. But the ward here takes their choir stuff seriously. I mean every single Sunday except for fast and testimony meeting, they have about two musical pieces per meeting, usually one from the choir and one from their mini "panic-orchestra" which consists of three old men, one on piano, one on cello, and one on the organ. Except they are all pretty deaf to an extent so really it is just hilarious but cool. When they actually have missionaries with real musical talent they will usually do something every once and a while too. That is why they loved my last companion because he could play the piano and could also sing. Anyways on Tuesdays we have choir and basically the only ones who are singing tenor is me! I love their excitement for choir!


On Wednesday I got to go on exchange with Elder Chadwick. He just barely got to Germany a couple of weeks ago. So I got the wonderful opportunity to corrupt him from the get go! Mwhaha! No I am just kidding. But it was a good time with him and he will be quite a nice addition to or district. Anyways we had a good time and for some reason every time I go on exchange here with somebody, lots of cool stuff happens. So that by the end the missionary that is with me, says that they don't want to go back and that they would rather stay. Haha not sure why that is but I am glad nonetheless that they have a good time while they are here in Cottbus.

We found a couple new people of course. One of them being a Canadian of all people who is going to school here in Cottbus and the other is actually a professor from the university of Ghana. So pretty interesting all around if I do say so myself. Although our problem is age-old in that we find people but then they have no time to meet.

Actually that reminds me of another random experience that I had this week. So I think it was a couple of days ago right after we got done having a lesson in the church and we were just about to get ready to go and then I get a call on our phone and it is from somebody who is assigned under as an investigator. And this is how the conversation goes....."hallo hier spricht Elder Foster"....."Hallo, do you know who this is?"......checks name on phone...."yeah is it Housam?"....."oh yeah it is, where are you?"...."uum we are in the church"...."Oh are you praying?"....."uuum yeah, i mean no, but we do pray"....."oh okay, well i will let you go now."....."wait, did you want something?"...."No, I just wanted to say hi"...."oh okay....are you sure?"...."yeah i just wanted to say hi"...."well alright.....did...did you want to meet up?"...."uh yeah sure why not".....Haha so it was probably that most random conversation I have ever had in my life on the phone but nonetheless we now have an appointment with him tomorrow so hopefully it will go well.


The last thing I can think of that I experienced this week that was somewhat interesting. Was that I went to Berlin for a mission leadership training meeting. Haha first thing I see when I walk through the front door of the church in Tiergarten is literally a few missionaries and a man in a trench coat, who at first look, seems as if he is not wearing any pants...don't worry he was wearing some kind of shorts. And he is wearing a red baron type hat and he is just going off about how he needs to give a key to his bishop and the other missionaries are just trying to get this key from him. After a couple minutes of discussion the guy leaves but he doesn't leave without leaving a little something something behind. That being a big puddle of urine on a chair and the ground. This happened before anybody talked to him though so it wasn't graphic or anything but nonetheless, the missionaries in Tiergarten now have to worry about whether a crazy guy has a key to their church or not. haha woo that is Berlin. Back to the actual news though! Which really isn't anything, it was just a really long conference for the leaders on the eastern half of the mission. Afterwards however the President hugged me and told me that I was very diligent today. Haha which i didn't understand because I maybe raised my hand once and all the other times he just randomly called on me, or I was called up by someone else. Well I guess you can't complain too much when someone says something nice to you.


Anyways I have one last thing to say before I finish up this letter and that is....do your family history and talk to your friends about it! It will change you! Okay a little background to why I say that. So I had an aunt that served her in Germany who also actually served in Cottbus as well. And just last Sunday when we were at a members house eating lunch with them, one of the members brought out a journal where lots of entries of missionaries were written inside and as we were flipping through the pages. I found an entry that my aunt made. Haha so naturally we were all pretty excited about that. And it fit perfectly with the spiritual thought that I wanted to talk about which was namely family history. You never know how you will effect your family in one way or another. And when we look at our own forefathers we will see the influence they have had upon us and that there really is a binding between us that goes beyond time. There is a special spirit about this kind of work and simply helping others to get excited about their own family history and to start doing it can have an effect that will bring them closer to Christ. Those particular members were definitely excited to talk to their friends about family history after that.


Well I hope you all have had a wonderful week and I wish you yet another wonderful week. And as always I pray for you and hope that you may also have peace in your lives.




Elder Foster

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