Tuesday, March 22, 2016

An dem sich unsere Welt nicht mehr dreht.

Hallo Hallo Hallo!


Welcome, welcome to Elder Foster tells tales of his mission adventures!


This week was certainly a good one. Definitely one to be recorded in a journal for future reference and enjoyment. The first two days of the week weren't super exciting. P-Day definitely goes by a lot faster than you want it to that is for sure. And then there you are standing on someone's doorstep just wondering if anybody will answer or at least give you enough time to say anything in particular. Then P-Day is over. Sometimes we are invited over the the Farnsworth family's house for family home evening, which we are tonight. Woo! But other than that P-Days aren't super exciting here in Cottbus, but they still go by unusually fast.


Tuesday we were supposed to meet with Koffi, our recent investigator that was put on baptismal date but that fell to because he had to go to a dentist appointment. To an actual appointment as well! It wasn't just a made up excuse. So suddenly our day got a little longer because that meant we had to do that much more finding. Which isn't a bad thing because I can enjoy finding, it can just be taxing on your patience sometimes, depending on who you talked to on that particular day. But at least during our finding time we got some numbers from some cool people that we can meet up with later this week so that was good. But after that we headed to the church to go to our appointment with a lady that we had met the week before. And we were totally excited for that except for the fact that she didn't show up.

:/ However we did get in contact with her later and she didn't show up because her house got flooded somehow and she was too busy figuring all that out that she totally forgot about our appointment. So we will have to see if we can set up another appointment sometime soon. That just reminds me of how many contacts we have that we/I need to call in the next day or so. I have never had to manage so many things at once in my life. But anyways the day came to a close with gemiko (a meeting with the ward mission leader) and choir. Choir was of course fun and the gemiko was of course interesting as per usual because the ward mission leader is so sassy and sarcastic with me sometimes that I sometimes wonder why he even meets with me in the first place. anyway, at the end of the day I was calling the district as per usual and the idea struck me as I was talking to Elder Schulte that we need to expect more miracles! And then it all began.


Wednesday we had district meeting, which of course went well. There is one thing that we decided to do as a district and yes I know it is rather simple. But we decided to have a short conference call every morning in order to pray together and ask for miracles. That was definitely a turning event of the week. The rest of the day went by smoothly enough. We had our lesson with Koffi and have begun to talk about the commandments. Ooo the lessons that either break or make the person you are teaching. Fortunately our discussion of the Word of Wisdom went over well and wasn't really a problem. I would love to go into more detail about the Word of Wisdom but I think I will keep the letter this week a little bit more informative and descriptive of the week’s events.


After our lesson we began the days finding routine. Not that it has become an actual routine, I just like calling it that.

We collected even more numbers and contacts which just added to the pile of people that I already need to call, have mercy! And of course had a great conversation with a young mother, her baby, and her two small children. Interestingly enough she no longer believed in God but her two young kids who were probably 9 and 6 still believed, the baby not being old enough to speak. It is certain moments like these that make me grateful to be a missionary but at the same time it frustrates me because I could tell she wanted to know more, I could tell she was touched by the Spirit. But she of course has her free-agency. The real frustrating part is this....she of course wouldn't invite us over or meet with us because we are just two young guys from America, every bit of what she has grown up and the society that she is in is telling her in her mind to say no. Random example, the Sisters this week were visiting a former investigator in the hospital this week and they talked with her and cheered her up. And then the next time that they went to go visit her, they find out that the person who was sharing the room with this lady that they were visiting asked to be moved to a different room because she didn't want to be around when those dang Jehovah's Witnesses when they come around again. Obviously, we aren't Jehovah's Witnesses but we get put in the same group nonetheless. It is rather sad how societies can build up false images in the minds of its inhabitants. Anyways back to the point I think if this lady was invited by one her friends to meet with the missionaries or had had this conversation with one then it would have led to more things.....so is the lot of a missionary in Germany. Always, keep hope though, that is why we keep going out.


Thursday is where things really start to kick off. And I have to start writing faster aaah! We went on exchange and I was with my good buddy Elder Schulte in Cottbus. Haha he needs a break from Forst shall we say and we needed to do an exchange anyway. It was good for my trainee to get thrown out in the wild anyways with another trainee. (we are terrible trainers...kidding!) Anyway, we start our day off with a prayer with the district, simple, inspiring and motivating. And then we head out into the thankfully sunny day to go find some Menschen! And of course the first 15 people or so that we encountered were not very happy to talk to us at all. But at one moment when we were waiting for the light to turn green at a crosswalk I had the thought it my head. Well so far....not so much success but I KNOW the Lord will lead us to the people that we need to talk to and quite literally the next person we talk to is interested and gives us his name and we set up an appointment for the next day. Haha remember that. And we are pumped of course after that but we need to head to our appointment with Koffi. If you are wondering why we are meeting with him so much it is because.....baptism is important! You need to be ready to make a covenant with God! That is no small thing. So we are helping him.


After that we did some more finding and found another guy and set out an appointment for Saturday. Then we met with one of the new converts and he told us an awesome story of how he has been going almost every night to where his friend lives to go and pray with her and that the other day they got the feeling that this pregnant friend was going to have the baby the very next day and what do you know....it happens. Prayer is real don't forget it! And even in the middle of our meeting he gets a call from her telling him that she is having contractions. Crazy stuff right?! Then we had English class and met with another new convert that has been doing good and that was basically our exchange. Woo!


Friday, there is only one real thing that I need to mention about this day and that is we met with the guy that found the day before the one that we talked to right after having that thought and his name is Bashar and he is from Jordan, he lives like 3-4 hours away from Jerusalem, how cool is that. And he is already a Christian and had only just barely moved into Cottbus to go the university here a few days ago and we met with him and taught him the first lesson....and it went great! Afterward we asked him if he would get baptized if he got an answer that the Book of Mormon is true and he said yes. We then made out a baptismal date for the 16th of April. Even at the end of the lesson, he looks at me and say "you know, you are strong, I am proud of you!" The only thing I could think of to say in return was to say, no I am proud of you! Once again praying for miracles works!


On Saturday we found even more cool people and met with Koffi again. I even got to talk to these two students from the university on the Bahn that are from Iran and that was a really good time. It reminded me of the days when I used to meet with Amin back in Weimar. I miss that guy and by the time they had to get out of the Bahn they asked me for our number so that we could meet up again at some time. It was a rather fine day to say the least. It was also sunny too! Which is of course always appreciated by a missionary.


Sunday we had church and we also met with about 5 Muslims and we are glad to report that we did not get beat up or anything. We read lots of scriptures out of the Book of Mormon. It was good!


Anyways I have to go! I love you! Bye!




Elder Foster

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