Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Unser Lauf nach Poland!

Hallo mein gütiger Leserkreis!
 Hello hello here is Elder Foster out of the city of dreams Cottbus!

Well during this time of the year and if I really want to be specific the beginning of it. Germany tends to turn into.....a war zone. And I mean that almost in a literal sense because of the amount of fireworks that were being launched into the air. Another funny thought to that is to think of the fact that Germans are complaining about so many refugees coming in and not having enough money to support them but then they are quite literally throwing hundreds of millions of euro into the air on new years day. Haha at least I found that funny. 

What can i say about this week i guess. It has been pretty eventful since I have arrived here in Cottbus. However the beginning of my week started with an exchange with the zone leaders and because the zone leaders area is so far away they just decided to stay the night at our place for a couple of nights. So on the next day we had four great elders walking the streets of Cottbus. And it was really quite great.

Sometimes zone leaders can be overly strict about things in a pharisee sort of way but these Elders were good and it was just a good time to be able to serve with them for a day. Although I did have to switch the day of district meeting to Tuesday because of it so that they could visit and that did cause a few problems, however everything managed to get worked out and once again it is always great to see how the Lord influences with his spirit and you don't even realize it. By that I mean the district meeting was perfectly planned not because of me but because the Lord wanted us to learn something in specific. 

Of course New Year's Eve was crazy especially here in Germany. You were just hoping that somebody wasn't going to drop a crazy firework on top of your head as you were walking underneath an apartment balcony. And actually a few days later as we were walking with some investigators on the street, one of them decided to light one without us knowing about it and the next thing you know there is a mega-size firecracker exploding about two feet away from me. It was loud enough that you thought a bomb went off or something. Even up until day you can still hear random explosions off in the distance. Doesn't help that my companion would always pretend to get shot every time he hears it. That doesn't get old after a while but obviously nothing I can really get mad about haha. 

We also had a new years run! All over the mission, missionaries participated in a new years run. So my district and the Görlitz district met up in Forst at about 10:30 in the morning and ran 5 kilometers together. Except this is how it really turned out. One apparently there was supposed to be some kind of event but nobody was there expect us and so we had no idea how to figure out that we ran 5km. Luckily we have iPads and Elder Schulte and I were able to map out a stretch of 2.5 kilometers and we would just run there and then back, which happened to be right on the polish border. Yay! However the only people that knew the route was Elder Schulte and I. And Elder Schulte couldn't run because he had to stay with his companion who just had surgery a couple of weeks ago so they just walked a little bit of it and then walked back. I mean the directions weren't hard at all you basically took one left and then just followed a road all the way up to the end point which was essentially the border of Poland and then you run back, simple right? However at first everyone was following but then after a time everyone lagged behind although they made the first left turn which was the hardest part, basically only Elder Oldroyd and I ran the whole thing while everyone else either took a lot of break or got lost haha however all in all it was fun. 

Okay a couple more things and then I have to end this letter. One cool experience that happened was when Elder Barboza and I were dooring this apartment building in the evening and of course we were weren't expecting much and it was freezing cold! It has been so cold this last week we were just hoping someone would let us in the main stairwell so we could get out of the cold for a little bit. However we got a lot more than expected when a couple from Atrea (some country in between Sudan and Ethiopia) let us in and in their apartment were about 6 other people there and wow yeah it was great. I was honestly just glad that they were Christian haha. But yeah after we had a small visit with them because we had to run and catch a bahn (tram) shortly thereafter. A couple guys actually had interest in coming to our church and hopefully we have a book of mormon in their mother language. It was just great and I am just glad the Lord has been leading us to all these great people as of recent. 

Sorry about the lack of detail in this letter. I am actually currently at the Kosak's house so I have been distracted the whole time by my former mission president and his wife they even ordered us Pizza! So I was a little rushed to write something this week haha. But all in all everything is going good here and I only expect many more great things to happen. 

I love you and pray for you all! And I wish you a wonderful week.


Gesundes Neues Jahr!


Elder Foster

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