Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Das Haus des Herrn!

Hallo gütige Familie und Freunde!

Well the weeks have certainly been flying by this last transfer. It is hard to believe and it is probably starting to sound a little bit repetitive but the last week of the transfer is already here. What could possibly happen? I will probably stay here in Cottbus, it would be rather surprising if I was to leave after only one transfer. But I am quite sure that my companion will be leaving or at least I hope he does....not because we don't like each other but because he has been here for quite a long time. So he needs to go somewhere new. But you never know with transfers the most unexpected can become a reality. I think it is a weird condition of missionaries to think that there are going to be in their area forever if they are there for 4 or 5 transfers. You just get a weird feeling about it or you just start to accept it, either way it will be interesting to see what happens.

Honestly probably the most exciting thing that happened this whole week was going to Freiberg for Zone-Training-Meeting. And if you don't already know that means I got to see the temple for the first time!

Woot! Unfortunately no we did not get to go inside because it is of course still under renovation until May or June or something or other.

But it was still just a nice moment to stand in front of the Temple in Germany in awe and gratitude. It is also very beautiful down in the Sachsen area of Germany. While we were in the train we drove through slash by a lot of german villages and woo they sure are pretty I can tell you that. It was a glimpse of the Germany that you picture in your head most of the time when you think about Germany before you have ever actually visited it. And for about the last week everything has been covered in snow so it just added to the majestic view of everything. It has just barely started to warm up a little so the snow is gone or at least in Cottbus. And I am completely fine with that because one day it was about -2 degrees fahrenheit. That was cold and I was not enjoying my time outside haha. So it is nice knowing that you won't freeze to death when you go outside to talk to people.

Unfortunately we didn't have too much time to go find people this week which is a bummer because that is what we are here to do! But we are still cursed with the fallen out appointments deal. But we are staying in contact with these people so there is still plenty of hope to still meet with them. It is really weird to get towards the end of your mission because it really starts to weigh heavy upon your mind that you will not have as much time as you may think and it is imperative to find these people as soon as possible. I guess we have just been doing a lot more member work recently. Hopefully we will see the fruits from that in the near future. But I have been enjoying the time that I have had getting to know these members and some of the new converts. Especially Patrick who is this new convert from Cameroon. So he speaks alright German and French....French is a weird language.

Haha it sure does sound funny when somebody tries to speak German with a French accent. Not to mention trying to read French is about as nightmarish as first trying to read english for a foreigner, except maybe even worse. Haha anyways he is pretty cool and he basically has an german mom now haha because he himself is only 19 and didn't really have a family back in Cameroon. So it has been cool to get to know him.

I don't know if it is the mission that does it to you. But I literally feel like I can't remember anything anymore haha or anything that happened during the week and then you wait a little bit longer and you remember everything again. It is quite a curious event that takes place within my mind. Either way it was a good week and this next week should be good too. I hope you all will have a nice week yourselves. I love you all and I pray for your good health and strength.



Elder Foster

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