Wednesday, June 10, 2015

zum Angriff blasen

Hallo Hallo, 

Welcome welcome to the Erfurt saga of the Elder Foster mission adventures. Well this week was kind of a let down. I mean I love zone conferences and the other meetings that we have as missionaries but I am still not a fan of how much time they take and the amount of traveling that needs to be done in order to do them. What could have been a pretty effective week ends up turning into a half-effective week. But I must say that Zone Conference in Berlin was very good. And now I can say that I have driven in Berlin the most populated city in Germany as well as driven on the Autobahn.  

Living in a 4-man apartment has its ups and downs. Probably the most visible negative is the fact that if you are with people that are messy and unorganized then basically you have no hope of having a clean apartment for more than a day. Which is the current situation that I am living in. You can always tell were I sleep or study, let's go with that. But on the upside there is never a dull moment and whenever you have had enough of your companion, not exactly because you don't like them but rather because we are with are companions about as much as a mom is with her new-born baby. So it is nice to get a little variation in there and you get to know your companion far too well. Every little single habit and mannerism that they have. Haha it is great in that you begin to develop a strong tolerance for the little things. Or the complete opposite if you are learning or developing in the wrong ways.  

Sometimes I just come to a complete blank when I right these letters. As of right now I would say that time is going by really fast but not in a good way. Like in a whoa there is no time to do anything and or get the things done that I want to accomplish kind of way. Oh and that reminds me, I have to be in Berlin again tomorrow for mission leadership training. Which is awesome and sad at the same time. Because it is my first one but also the last time that I will ever get to see President Kosak as my mission president. It really is unfortunate to see him go. Maybe I will get to see the new mission president while I am there.  

Basically this week was a disappointment but I can't say that good things didn't happen. We and when I say that, I mean the Elders in Erfurt, it is kind of a joint effort thing, we did commit 3 brothers from Syria and there friend to baptism. And probably their mom and dad too later if things go right. It really is kind of sad sometimes to see all the people's bad opinions about Muslims and people from Muslim countries. Because honestly for the most part of my mission it has been these people from the middle east that have been willing to talk to us, willing to let us in, and humble enough to accept or try the doctrine. And when you are invited into their homes, you are certainly treated as an honored guest. Haha it has almost inspired me to try and learn Arabic or Persian. But don't worry I am still focused on the Germans, far more so than other missionaries. Because of course Germans are the ones who are going to stay in the ward and support the ward in the best way. That is every missionary's dream, to baptize a German family. I still have a year!  

Well that is about all I can think of for this week unfortunately, hopefully next week I will be a little bit more inspired and have some better insights or that I will remember more things that happened during the week. Well I hope you all have a great week and that you will be just as enthusiastic as I am to go out there and just get some work done! Love ya!


Elder Foster


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