Monday, June 1, 2015

Das war sehr geistreich von dir!

Hallo geehrte Damen und Herren! 

Well welcome back, I hope you had a nice week and now you can start off your week with another letter from the historian of legends! But unfortunately he couldn't make it so you will have to settle for a letter from me. haha 

Well this week certainly started out better than last week. Namely we actually had money for food. But also to that when we went finding at the end of our P-Day. We ended up finding about 5 new people in the space of an hour. Not to mention we ran into one of the brothers of the Syrians that the other Elders teach. And then he proceeded to invite us to his home and then met the whole family and actually was in their house before the other elders ever did and actually still have not. Haha, kind of funny if you ask me. But unfortunately the next day, which is when we set up all the appointments with the people that we found the day prior, fell out. Good thing I have already experienced that kind of thing in another area on my Mission or that would have really bummed me out. 

Something else that has also been really cool to notice this past week, was really the noticeable increase of my finding skills and by that I don't mean that I have now become a better sales person because believe me. You cannot sell the gospel if you even tried. Or at least the people ain't buying. Haha. Really in this past week, I have focused on the simply the confidence and sincerity of its delivery and also on the very invitation itself. A simple invitation can really be a powerful thing. It actually surprised me just the other day. Usually when you invite someone or talk to them and they say something like they will check it out or that they will come by. You usually never end up seeing them again. However, this Sunday, after inviting someone earlier in the week to come to church and talking a little about eternal families and a few other principles. He actually came! Despite not even getting his number. But he loved it at church, especially the gospel principles class. So even though we found a lot of people that just turned into fallen out appointments, we did end up finding him.And also by some other kind of miracle, I managed to get our Persian friend from Weimar to get to church. 

I don't have a lot of time to say much more but of course after sending home a big ol' package of books back home. I, of course, ended up just getting even more of them! I need to stop finding interesting German books that I cannot get back in America, particularly church books that have been translated into German. But what I wanted to say was that last week I actually managed to get my hands on an old combination of the Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price. That is actually in prime condition and written in the Old German lettering. Haha I am pretty sure I am the only missionary in Germany that has something like that and I already know missionaries that would almost literally kill someone to get one. So you could say I got really lucky. 

Okay one more thing and then I have to end this letter.....German roads are messed up! I would never recommend driving in Germany. Okay, okay they have the Autobahn but even then German roads and traffic signs and just simply how they all run together is just absolutely terrible. And if you think people in America drive crazy you just need to get in the car of a German. They don't all drive bad but there sure are a lot of them. Even though honestly I can't say I was happy with the driving of my companion the other day which certainly does not convince me to let him drive him anymore than is absolutely necessary.

But don't worry we have a cap on how fast we can drive on the Autobahn so no worries.

Well I hope you all have a great week and this is Elder Foster signing out!

Love ya!


Elder Foster


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