Thursday, July 10, 2014


Sent: Wednesday, July 2nd

Here is the questionnaire email.

Note:[Mom’s questions to Elder Foster]

1. [What is your companion’s name]The name of my companion is Elder Jacob Harris

2. [Where is he from?] He is from Detroit, Michigan

3. [Do you like him?]I like him and he is a good guy.

4. Real mail? Anybody is free to send me mail in any way they want to but if you send me letters and not emails I am probably more than likely not going to respond. While if it is an email I will more than likely respond to it than not.

5.[Do you need anything?] I can't say I really need anything. I mean I can think of random stuff that I want but nothing I need.

6. [How many are in your district?]There are six people in my district including me. 2 sets of elders and 1 set of sisters.

7. [What is your favorite thing to eat in the MTC?]I can't say anything is my favorite thing to eat at the MTC. But I do enjoy rice. haha

8. [What do you wish you had and don’t have?]I wish I had music because more often than not I have to listen to every body else sing random songs at the top of their voices.

9.[What is the hardest part of beihng in the MTC?] I would have to say its a mixture of being with someone all day, I mean even to the point where you are waiting outside of the bathroom for them. And having the three hour block of studying at the end of the day after being in your learning room all day. (Our room where we are taught literally has nothing in it, just white walls, and a window that is almost entirely blocked by a TV).

10. [Did the detergent help?]I am sure it will help in Germany. I don't use it here because they actually put money on our mtc cards every Wednesday to get laundry detergent and stuff like that.

11.[Have you put your suit into the dry cleaners?] I actually just put two of my suits in the dry cleaners today.

12. [Do you have to wear a suit everyday?]No i only have to wear a suit on Sunday and on Tuesday because of devotional.

13. [What day is your P-day?]As of right now while in the MTC my P-day is Wednesday. However I have no idea what day it will be while in the field.

Elder Foster

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