Thursday, June 26, 2014

Die Erste Woche

Unser Mutter, 

Not sure how to start this but here goes nothing. So the MTC is certainly a peculiar place. After only one week it feels like I have been here forever. I really don't even know how to go about explaining everything that has been going on. It has certainly helped me become a better missionary and a more open person already. By the third day of the MTC I had already given one lesson entirely in German. Although I cannot say my grammar was the greatest I can certainly feel the spirit giving me inspiration of what to say and even remembering words in German that I thought I had long forgotten. Even though the person we are teaching is a fake untersucher (investigator), her name is Sabina, there is still the sense of real value in the lessons that me and my companion teach to her. Understanding German has come a lot faster than I'm sure anyone in our district truly expected. But from what I have learned so far at the MTC is this that having the spirit and knowing the material or understanding gods plan is far more important than the language study. The language will come but the spirit must always be present in order to teach the investigators according to their needs. 

We have had a lot of great speakers come and speak to us at the MTC. Just the other day we had Elder Christofferson of the quorum of the twelve speak to us for our Tuesday devotional with Elder Nelson, Bednar, Oaks, and Anderson in attendance as well. And on Sunday we had Brother Perry and his wife speak to us. His wife being the one who wrote Sisters in Zion and the new lyrics for it as well. Truly inspiring talks. I would go into more detail about the talks but I might use up all my time talking about the talks instead of the actual experience at the MTC. 

I am not sure why my mind suddenly draws a blank as I start to type letters. But one thing is for sure I am glad to finally be on a mission. I hope as a missionary I can give more to the people of Germany and to my Heavenly father than I and our family will receive in blessings. As each day passes I slowly realize more and more that I cannot do this work on my own. I need the Lord's spirit to help me accomplish this work that I have been called to do. Everyday I have prayed for the strength to do the things I have been asked to do and have been amazed at the results in which the Lord has blessed me. 

I am sorry that this is not the longest letter nor the most exciting of information as of yet but there will be many more letters to come in which I will speak of things in more detail. Just getting used to sending emails as a missionary feels so weird to me. 

My prayers, thoughts, and love are with everyone back home. I cannot wait to tell you more of that which is to come.

Elder Foster

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