Friday, July 25, 2014

Glauben und Hoffnung

Hallo Hallo,

So next Tuesday I will be heading on a plane/planes to Germany. Time is running short in the MTC. Which in this case is a good thing. A lot of the missionaries in the zone are starting to face reality in a lot of different ways. I however couldn't be more excited. And lets make one thing clear for anyone who may or may not be reading these letters. I refuse to believe that the only thing I will be doing in Germany is planting seeds. For in D&C 4 it says the the field is white and ready to harvest. It does not say that it is ready to plant it does not say that it is ready to water it says that it is ready to harvest. And that is what I feel like sharing a little about today. So many people within the church and outside of the church when they hear that you are going somewhere in Europe. Like to say that oh you are going to a hard mission, oh you will probably only be planting seeds. Or on the flip side if you are going to Mexico or Brazil or similar countries people will say oh you are going to get so many baptisms. But I do not believe in these words. The Lord knows his elect, he knows where they are. It is through your faith and hope in Christ that will lead you to them and will make you a successful missionary. Do not leave on a mission with little faith and little hope of helping very many people come unto Christ because someone told you that you are going on a hard mission. Do not give up on the people of the country you are proselyting in. For me it is not giving up on the people of Germany. It may be a country notorious for having lots of atheists. But I think there is a special kind of beauty to be able to hear someones first uttered prayer to Heavenly Father. Do not take for granted the power of God. Faith and hope must be a power in my hands. Through them I may attain power of Jesus Christ himself. I may merely be a tool of this power but it is still my choice whether to be one or not. It must needs be that I use them with all my might while on this mission otherwise no work will be done and no miracles can be had. It is no puzzle to me to figure out why the most basic of principles of the gospel are so essential to be a successful missionary and having the greatest possible life while here on Earth. There truly is no limit to what you can do on your mission if you have enough faith in Christ. I will not go into my mission with an expectation or a certain number of which I can attain. Because truly through Christ all is possible. I know that when you can find a way to trust the Lord. You will do so again. You will grow line upon line. You will develop greater faith in a God who knows and loves you perfectly. As you focus your life on the most basic principles you will find a way to the greatest happiness. Pray, pray, pray. Do not take prayer for granted. Ask and ye shall receive do not be afraid to take advantage of this divine promise. Pray for direction. Pray to the Lord in supplication. Pray to be filled with God's love. Pray for his words to fill your mouth. Once again the Lord promises to help all those who ask. So have faith and rely on Him and His Holy Spirit. Do not forget to search for answers to those prayers, do not forget your own personal responsibility for your own salvation. It is after all that you do that you are truly strengthened. So your best is always good enough. Because through your faith in Christ we can truly accomplish anything. The Atonement is so central in that way. How simple it truly is. And how majestic and heavenly is our Father's power. It comes to us by the simplest means so that we can accomplish the impossible. No longer compare yourself to others only become one with Christ our Savior. I need to be in Germany, I need to exercise my faith.It is a power yearning to be tested. It is almost as if the Lord challenges us to call upon His name. To have us see what great wonders can be accomplished through faith on him. I hope to please him. I need him to help me accomplish his sacred work. What glory there is to be obtained in the name of Christ. I fear no man! I love all! I love the Lord. 


So here I am in front of a computer. At the MTC. Waiting until I can head out and finally do the work. I have met some good elders and sisters in my zone while at the MTC. And unfortunately some of my favorite people are going to the Frankfurt mission. Everyone in my district is going to Berlin but I don't know if they are my most favorite. Could be because I spend a little too much time with them. But there are still plenty of great people that will be in Berlin with me. I will have to send some pictures before I leave of some of these people and some of the places I spent most of my days while here. It is very interesting to begin to see the subtle changes in everyone since coming here. It is interesting to see the change in myself. One of my fears while on my mission is that I will become stagnant that I will suddenly stop growing in some way. For to truly endure to the end means to constantly grow. But now it seems as if a new adventure has suddenly begun again and I have only just read the introduction. So that is all for today. I have already gone over my allotted time for emailing by quite a bit. So I will end with saying I miss you all and I am thinking of you all and I hope I will have much more exciting and interesting things to tell you in the future. 



Elder Foster

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