Monday, May 16, 2016

Wo sollen wir nur hin?

Hallo Geehrte Damen und Herren. Hier spricht der Kapitän! 

      You can be in one place for too long. You can sometimes just be too familiar with your surroundings and every day just turns into one big long day. The streets are all commonplace as well as the people and most of the experiences that go along with them. Unfortunately there is not much time left on the mission and also with that the chance that I will probably be sent somewhere else for a fresh new sight and experience. Not that I do not like Cottbus or that we are having no success or anything like that. It has just been a long time and routine always starts to creep in. So it sometimes takes a little bit more effort to get out there and be more sincere. Once again just the thought of an old man missionary that has been in one city for quite a while. Either way this week wasn't too bad there were some new and good things it there were also some of the old things that came to plague us, namely that of fallen out appointments.

             I had my first encounter with someone from the Druze religion which if you don't know what that is then don't worry because just about no one does and it only really exists in a few countries in the Middle East. And they apparently have a book that they can not read....pretty interesting doctrine to say the least. But the guy that we met that is actually apart of this religion is actually really cool. He is built like a tank too. Haha but he is really open and he even came to church and brought a friend. So it will be pretty cool to continue to work with him in the future.

       Another random experience we had this week was when one of our investigators invited us over to have some Persian food that she had made. And we brought the sister missionaries along as well. And it was grrrrreat! It was a three course meal as well too so she went all out! That was pretty awesome to say the least because not a ton of exciting things happened this week so it was good to be able to enjoy a little bit of our time and also be able to talk a bit about the most important thing, which is the gospel! Woo! 

      The best news of the week was probably our lesson with Herr Konetsky who is progressing quite nicely. We are currently teaching more about the commandments and of course when it comes to this part in the teaching process it usually goes down in excitement. But oddly enough he agrees with everything we have to say and places where even members actually have problems he is completely fine. Like the law of tithing for instance. We had a discussion about it in Priesthood and if I haven't told you already things can get intense sometimes in Presthood meeting. We have a great bunch here in Cottbus. But I went up to talk to him after the meeting and he only had one question and then he was completely fine with it. Haha so yeah I am pretty excited for that. I just hope the members reach out a little bit more with him so that his progress will just continue to grow and that he can be baptized in the near future. So that is pretty exciting to say the least. Although we still have to be careful when we teach him because he will go off on hilarious tirades. For example haha and I hope I don't get any hate mail for this but I thought it was hilarious but he said he would prefer Trump as president over Hilary. Because Trump is already at the bottom and if he even does the smallest good everyone will freak out haha. He can only go up haha. And then he said that he could see him being buddies with Putin. Haha anyways we have some pretty funny conversations with him sometimes. Although I am the only one who really understands every that he is saying.

       All in all it was a good week with a side of same old same old rejection and disappointment from those who said they would meet with us but never did. I hope your appointments went through! And I wish you all a wonderful week ahead of you! I love you all and pray for you as always.


Elder Foster

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