Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Austausche für Tage!

Hallo meine geehrte Damen und Herren! 

 Aaw yes where to start with this week, well first and foremost it was terrible! So terrible! No, I'm just kidding but I am sure I got you there for a second. Anyway, it was a pretty adventurous week. It basically consisted of a whole lot of of exchanges. We were basically on exchanges for three days straight so it was pretty crazy to say the least but oh how fun it was. Good things always happen during an exchange and I am not entirely sure why. There is also something about changing it up once and a while. Which is nice because when you have been in one area for a long time combined also with being at the end of your mission. It can become all too easy to just get into a routine of things. But when you get new faces or when you serve with someone new even if it is just for a little bit then for some reason it just adds a little bit more to the experience. I guess it just has to do with the need for variety. Anyway, the very first day of exchange went pretty well. I was with my good buddy Elder Chadwick from Arizona and we just get along great and honestly we have pretty similar personalities. We didn't have a whole lot going on at first but because we were in good spirits and we were working hard we ran into just the right people and made appointments with these people the very next day. And actually because of those new appointments and because of the appointments in Forst the next day as well. We decided to exchange for another day because nobody wanted to miss any of the appointments that we had made. And so I got to spend another day with Elder Chadwick. And crazily enough all of the appointments went through and there were great. We even talked to this 23 year old German guy on the street for about an hour. He was really cool but he just couldn't bring himself to believe in God. He agreed with everything we said and every explanation that we gave him made sense to him but he just couldn't believe in God. It is very interesting how people will continue to deny your beliefs and criticize them without actually taking the time to look at their own beliefs or feeling justified in not having any. He was a great guy all in all but as always it is hard to tell some to give something a try that would change their life and beliefs when they don't really see any real need for change in their lives. Or when the society around them tells them that it is weird to be religious and also looked down on for being so.  

And once again for anybody who is reading this, Muslims are not bad people! My whole mission I have been teaching them and they are not only hospitable but also a lot more receptive to the gospel.

Honestly the biggest thing getting in their way of being baptized is the fact that they usually cannot speak very much German and also because a lot of them still do not have their papers to stay in Germany so they could possibly be sent back to a dangerous country. But I can not stress enough of how wrong people are and their opinions about Muslim people. Haha so stop it if you have any anti-Muslim feelings. We shall preach the gospel to all people and all nations.  

But going forward with the actual letter. The next couple days after we were with the zone leaders in Cottbus and we found more people and we got to enjoy being with each other in the apartment at night. That was really fun and it reminded me of the four man apartment days in Hannover and Erfurt. But to make things a little short it was a great week and a lot of new friendships were made with missionaries and with people from Cottbus. 

We also had Stake Conference this week in Dresden and that was nice, we also got to spend the night in Dresden with some other elders and that was a lot of fun. There were some elders there that I have known my entire mission and also Elder Benitz who is now my great bayrisch Schweizer friend haha love his accent it is so unique. Other good news is that I also got to see my old friend and investigator Amin in Dresden, who is now planning on coming to Utah to study in the future. 

It was quite the week and I hope the next week is as eventful and that we can help out these other people who have now become our friends.

Sorry that this letter is a little bit all over the place. I hope you have had a great week and I love you all and pray for you daily.



Elder Foster

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