Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ich bin die Zone!

Hallo hallo! 

Well another transfer has come and gone and a new exciting one begins. And of course this transfer I will be staying in Neubrandenburg and Elder Kilgrow will be staying as my companion. Actually this round of transfer calls was quite interesting because just about everyone in our zone is staying. Some people are starting their fifth transfer here which is not so normal for someone to stay in one place. And for some of those in my district that wasn't the happiest news to here that they were staying because this part of our mission has a bad rap so to say. We are called the Zion-Campers after all. I think that it is unfortunate that most of the missionaries believe that sort of thing and that it actually hampers their work rather than justifying it. There was actually a companionship that stayed in their apartment the whole day because of the news that they had to stay another transfer in the Neubrandenburg zone. That was kind of unfortunate to hear to be honest. But I will get back to that in a second. Other changes that are happening is that my district just got a lot bigger. And by that I mean at least 3/4 of the Zone is now in my District. Haha and just because of that reason, I had to let the Zone-Leaders know who was really in charge around here. By that I mean the next time they called me I told them that "I am the Zone!!," which they replied with,"Yep." So thus began and ended the bloodless takeover of the Neubrandenburg Zone. Haha okay, no not really but I had a fun time messing with the Zone-Leaders about it. 

 In all honesty this week wasn't exactly the grandest of weeks. It seems that everything that we did have going for us ended up in ruins haha. The first and probably the hardest thing was that the baptism that we would have had this last Saturday didn't happen, not because the individual wasn't ready to enter into a covenant with the Lord but rather because he was deported to Italy three days before it was supposed to happen. So that wasn't very pleasant news. And then of course this week we had many experiences of people having absolutely no desire to listen to anything we had to say and not just that but going out of their way to actually try and stop us. Haha we were knocking some doors on a street called Paradieswiese, which literally translated means Paradise Meadow, and let me tell you it was far from a paradise haha. It includes and old lady spying on you from her balcony in a not at all inconspicuous way and much much more. haha another investigator who we actually haven't met with for three weeks said that he was vacationing so he didn't have time to meet with us but then proceeded to say that we needed to take a break from meeting each other until September. And another investigator went on to tell us and show us his gun, taser, and many knives that he would use if he felt in danger and would even use them on us if need be. Haha we are probably not going to visit him anymore. Lots of other appointments fell out and yeah it was just one of those weeks were nothing really went right. However nonetheless I will not be kept down! We are not torn asunder and hopeless! I know that the Lord can give lead us to those who are ready, He knows His children and where they live and if they are ready to hear His word. But I truly think there is something that many of the missionaries in my district need to learn. And I think they and of course I as well are learning it. It is actually since being here that I have become truly grateful for the opportunity to be a district leader and to be there and try to help out everyone in my district. It was cool to actually see that the very same missionaries that I was talking about earlier who stayed in their apartment the whole day after transfer calls. Are the same ones who are now rededicating themselves and who have told me that they are looking forward to becoming better missionaries and this time around putting more of their heart into the work and just learning more how to love those around them. It inspires me to be better as well and to really do all that I can to serve the Lord.  

A trippy experience that I had this week was when a former missionary and his family came to the church and had a little get-together with the ward members and us. And what made it trippy is that it was Elder Karlen! Who just so happens to be one of my first zone-leaders and who I actually lived with for the first three transfers or about 4-1/2 months of my mission. I love that guy. But wow that experience really made me look at the clock and think wow the time is going by and it will be time to go home before I know it. And I already know now that things will never be the same again when I get back. It is just so surreal. Not to mention everybody I know is getting married haha that is funnier than anything else to be honest. Both of my trainers are married too, including the first sister training leader that I met in my first transfer in here in Germany. So life is just rolling on by me. But yeah I am still excited for this work and I honestly just want to continue missionary work for the rest of my life in one way or another. Hopefully this next transfer I will be able to give even more of myself to the work. Anyways have a great week and I pray for you all daily. 


Elder Foster





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