Monday, August 10, 2015

Das steht auf einem anderen Blatt.

Hallo! Hallo!
Well this week I will just have to get right down to it because I don't have a whole lot of time. So we will see how much I will be able to write before the time runs out. First and foremost, this week has been a long one with the creeping sense of responsibility always at my tail. It has really been interesting since my district had gotten bigger. Which means I am now making calls from the time I am done planning until about 5 minutes until I have to go to bed. Not to mention when you serve in this area you have to play a bigger role in your ward/branch or whatever you want to call it because the missionaries are one of the few priesthood holders around. I remember when I was first on the mission wondering how I would ever manage to be able to do stuff that I am now doing on a regular basis. It is quite amazing to see how the Lord will make you good enough for that which you have been called to. I am pretty sure that the only way I could have more responsibility in the mission is if I were to become A.P. or something and oh please oh please do not wish that upon me. haha this letter will be kind of all over the place because I will be reciting the week starting from the end of it or literally yesterday's events. But anyways yesterday my companion and I were in Prenzlau for Church and if it is your turn to go to Prenzlau then you know you either have to give a talk or a lesson or preside over the meeting, or mix and matches of all of that or possibly even everything. But despite all that it really is like a small family. Whenever I get the opportunity to go there and I am blessing or distributing the sacrament I am always grateful to look at the few determined and faithful members that are there to renew their covenants with the Lord. And although this Sunday we had some visitors from the branch presidents family it still gave me the same sense of gladness to be with them all. On this Sunday my companion and I also had the lesson for Sunday-school and our lesson just so happened to be about the marriage and the family. Woo! Haha at first when I saw that, that was to be our assignment. I thought to myself. Why us? Haha everybody else in the entire branch has had far more experience and far more knowledge on these things than we do. But actually it turned out quite well. Although I was one of the people teaching the class, I really got something out of the lesson that I had never really though about before. Maybe later I will go into more detail about what we talked about, but it suffice me to say that I now have a greater and more meaningful understanding of the Lord's covenants and the work that we do in Temples. 

After church was over we were invited by President Skibba and his family to go have a picnic by the lake in Prenzlau with them. And actually something really cool about that is this. So President Skibba's brother actually lives in Australia but he was here in Germany visiting some family members. And he was talking to us and asking us where we came from, so the usual questions we get asked. But he was talking about how he had friends in the area of where I lived. And then he said Siegfried Meyer was one of his friends names. And I was thinking to myself that sounds kind of familiar and then he talked about how he used to own this deli in salt lake city called Siegfried's Delkatessen. And immediately was like whoa whoa who I know that guy and have met him and I have been to his house and everything. And then he talked about how he went to his house to and ate smoked fish with him and then we laughed about that because that is the exact same thing that I did at his house. And then also come to find out that they grew up together and then get this the very area where I am serving is where Siegfried grew up with this guy. So that was a pretty crazy coincidence. Haha I just have all these crazy coincidences on my mission. 

In closing of my letter I will talk a little bit about what has been going on work-wise in the area. So a little over a week ago we found this young looking guy on the street and got his number and actually set up an appointment for the next day. But unfortunately he didn't show up the next day. However the day after that as we were going by on one of our investigators and he ended up not being home. The thought came to me to call up this guy and so I did and hey what do you know he answered. And I simply asked him if he had anytime right then and what do you know he had time. And so fifteen minutes later we meet up with this guy and we are talking to him and we gave him a book of Mormon in Russian. And so really I come to find out that he has really had a rough time in Germany and actually got into a big accident and had to get an operation and then he was given medication for the pain which he ended up just getting stronger and stronger dosages of. Until eventually he started doing drugs. And actually when we found him he had just been in the clinic for the past 3 weeks. It is very interesting to see how the Lord put him there for us just when he had gone through so much over the past two years. I wish I could go into more detail but I have to go catch a train to do an exchange. However he came to English class and also to our activity night, yeah bringing back the ol' Bremerhaven days, and yeah just pray for him that he will be willing to heed the promptings of the spirit.
Anyways I hope you all have a great week!
E1der Foster

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