Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Ein Adventsgottesdienst.

Thanksgiving in Germany!
Schöne Advent meine liebe Schätze!
I'm dreaming of a German Christmas and many Christmas markets for one and all. But not in Neubrandenburg because I am unsure whether I even serve here anymore. Haha Because we weren't in Neubrandenburg at all this week. On Monday we were just running around all day just trying to get things done and to prepare for our crazy traveling week that we were going to have. On Tuesday we took the train down to Berlin were we had Family-Search training or genealogy training or something of that sort. Because we got there and all we did was get on a computer and then they said okay get on Family Search and start looking for holes in your family line wherever you can find them and basically you tried to figure it out be yourself except for when you had some question, which was about every second. I mean maybe others were more lax about it. But I was just wigging out because of all the information and the reliability of the sources and just trying to get everything nice and orderly because you don't just want to throw a bunch of random information in there and just add more confusion to everyone else trying to find their ancestors.

On Wednesday we had our Hoho ZoCo which is basically our Christmas zone conference with one half of the mission. So of course that was a lot of fun and got to say hi to a lot of people that I haven't seen in a while and also say goodbye to some of the sisters in my group because they are going home in a week!! Now that is pretty trippy, I am now a part of a dying breed of missionaries in this mission. Although I found out that I have one more transfer than I originally thought about a week ago so that gives me a little ease of mind because I don't feel like the mission is rushing to a close already.

Thursday was Thanksgiving! Woo! American Pride! I don't think I have been more patriotic in my life ever since I have lived in another country. Especially a country where most of the people think their country is so much better than America because of this and that although they have never lived there and a lot of the stuff they say isn't even true. Not that America is perfect or anything but so far I am definitely more inclined to live in the U.S. than in Europe. Haha anyways Thanksgiving! It is certainly great. They don't celebrate here in Germany but because we have a senior couple here in Neubrandenburg we were able to celebrate it. We had mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, turkey, and we even had hand-made rolls just like the ones in America. You don't get those around here, although there are a lot of bakery goods here in Germany that I will miss someday. But it was certainly a nice little thanksgiving with the Porters and a bunch of single members in the branch that were also invited.

On Friday we drove to Greifswald so we could relieve them of their apartment prison that they have been confined to since Elder Geren got his surgery. Elder Anderson (the companion of Elder Geren) and I were able to get some good work done in their area and also manage to have a little bit of fun within means of course. We also got to play Fußball with the branch president in Greifswald and basically the group of people that always come to that, haha I think he was very grateful that Elder Braun and I could come and play. Because we are a little bit better than the other Elders and we managed to win all of our games against the other two teams that were made. Although wow I can not run around as much as I used to without dying. Not because I am fat or something ;-P but because I haven't been able to play sports like that for a while. Because you don't need that much energy to play ping-pong which is what we do for activity nights at the church.

Okay going on with the weekly events and experiences. On Saturday we headed back to Neubrandenburg with the Greifswald Elders and we basically had lunch and then went off to the rehearsal for the Adventsgottesdienst that we would be having the next day with the entire Neubrandenburg district. And I don't know if it is the same in America but I think the Germans are crazy at least for wanting to learn so many songs the day before you are actually supposed to sing them. They also had lots of arguments about how the song should be sung. Which is once again ridiculous seeing as we had to sing them the NEXT DAY! Haha it was still a lot of fun to sing with them though and the next day it was fun to get up and sing a bunch of times. Which was also good for me because I would have slept through the entire event if I didn't have to because the we had about four other elders that spent the night at our place and they of course kept everyone up the whole night whether you wanted to stay up or not.

All in all it was a good week, just it wasn't so good for us on the other side of things because we weren't able to do any kind of work the whole week because we where running around the whole week. But I really did enjoy being able to talk to all the members and the investigators at the church yesterday. I will certainly miss these people when it is time to go. Especially because next week we have transfer calls so we will find out what it is happening rather quickly.

Whew I felt like I just rattled on forever. But I hope it suffices. I love you all and I wish you a wonderful week filled with the spirit of giving and loving during this time of the season.

Elder Foster

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