Monday, May 4, 2015

Ach ja! Hallo hallo herzlichen willkommen zu dem wöchentlichen Brief von Elder Foster. Ich hoffe dass ihr eine angenehme Zeit habt!

As always constantly at a loss of words right before I begin writing these things which is never good because the time only continues to tick by while the screen continues to stay blank and white. Well, I guess I can start as usual with a little update of what may be coming in the possible future for me and for the City of Weimar so as far as I am concerned and also according to a few sources. I will not be in Weimar after these next two weeks. And will most likely be sent to Erfurt with and be with either the Elder that is already in Erfurt or serve there with an Elder that will be coming up from Gotha, who of which I have already served with before. Of course the now newly created Erfurt ward would love to keep all the current missionaries and even give me a car so that not only can I stay in Erfurt but I can also visit the Weimar area. However nothing is 100 percent sure as always, although it seems so far that my assumptions on the Mission have been correct so far. What I think will happen is that I will be sent to Erfurt without a car and just become an Erfurt missionary; my wishful thinking would be that I also got a car but I don't know. Even more wishful thinking is that they actually closed down a missionary program in Marzahn, which is an area in Berlin, in order to send missionaries down here but because we are closing about three areas down here that leaves a little bit more room. So what I am saying is that I would gladly go open up that program given the chance. But that is just my wishful thinking, although Erfurt is also highly favourable.  

It is really quite interesting to be in a big ward again. And actually the members there that came out of my branch in Weimar are trying to get used to it even more so than I. I mean the moment I came into Bremerhaven and Weimar, you immediately begin the process of absorbing yourself into a family. But now sitting in the chairs in Erfurt with all the members, albeit being the first time, you get the sense of whoa I don't even recognize half of these faces. It reminds me of back when I was in the singles ward in Murray. And even after almost being a year in the ward, somebody came up to me and asked if I was new in the ward and then after telling them that I had been there almost a year and even establishing the fact that I had been there longer than them. They continued to say "oh wow well I can't say I have ever seen you around before." And I find that sad to be honest. There is certainly something special about being a missionary and being invited into people’s homes whether it be simply for a meal or for a lesson. It is always a pleasure to be able to feel the Spirit in someone else's home or to invite the spirit into a home that has been missing it. I am also getting the Impression that it is hard to truly say you know someone until you have been in there own home and interacted with them in some manner. I truly hope that I will still have chances in the future after my Mission to interact with people on such levels to truly get to know and love the people within my ward. 

Something that has really been coming up recently during my time here in Weimar is truly the wealth of potential that I see in the people that I talk to out here. However, it always ends abruptly with a casual no thanks. How do I reach the hearts of these people?! This whole entire last week I talked to people who were so sweet and kind and even agreed with what I had to say and where even flattered when I expressed the reason why we wanted to share this with them but then ends in no although it is probably some of the most polite no's. I guess it is better than what happened to me earlier this week when we were doing a little bit of doors before a lesson and while we were having a very nice conversation with a lady and even setting up an appointment for sometime later. When her neighbor coming up the stairs of the apartment building after recognizing who were began to tell us to leave immediately right in the middle of our conversation with this lady. And then continued to get louder and ruder, and beginning to call us trash and a cult while continuing to point down the stairs and yell at us to leave in a not so nice way. The lady tried to stand up for us but to no avail because the guy eventually lost his Patience because we had not moved up to that point and began to try and grab onto me and physically remove me from the apartment. No worries though I kept cool and told him that we would leave and even politely told the lady it was nice meeting here and to have a nice day. As we walked down the stairs we could still hear the lady backing us up and honestly herself too as well. Truly it is unfortunate to have people call us such things and treat us in such ways and believe that we are such bad people and then turn around behave like that, only proving that they themselves  are contradictory. Other than him this week was mostly meeting lots of nice people who just didn't have interest to listen. I wish I had the time to go into more detail about all the different people I have met these past couple weeks.  

Anyways I am out of time again. And unfortunately I don't have any method to upload pictures on this library computer so it is yet another week without any pictures to send to you guys. But I love y'all and I hope you have a nice week. 


Elder Foster

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