Monday, April 6, 2015

Der letzte Brief von der Küste des Bremerhavens und eine neue Mission?!?!

Elder Foster and Paul on Easter Sunday.

Fortunately this week might actually be an exciting edition of the Elder Foster Chronicles. So where to begin I guess is the real question…Let us just begin with a quick recap of what happened this last week. So last week I was able to experience another hurricane while serving in Bremerhaven. We had zone-training-meeting in Oldenburg, we were also in Wilhelmshaven for a little farewell for a senior couple that was serving there. And then of course we had General Conference this past weekend. Also, during zone-training-meeting and an unexpected conference call on Friday night. The President informed me that he had a special position for me.....and that he will no longer be my mission president....what?! Because he will be sending me down to Erfurt district which is currently in the Frankfurt mission so the technically I will not be a part of this mission anymore. And it has already been approved by the Presidency.....okay are you sufficiently confused enough? Alrighty well let me explain. So if you look at the bottom of this email where I have included a graphic you will see in the top right corner a map of our mission and all the zones and the areas a missionary can serve in the mission. And if you look at the blank spot where the word Leipzig is that is where I am currently going. And the reason why I am going there is because we will be taking over this area and bringing it into our mission. So instead of just white washing and sending completely new missionary programs who do not know the area and do not know the members. President will be sending 5 other missionaries and I to go down there and take on Frankfurt missionaries as our companions to get to know the area and the members before we completely take over. And so for a transfer we will be in the Frankfurt mission and we will write Frankfurt mission president for our emails and be under their rules and basically be cut off from our mission. But it will only be for a transfer then our companions will be replaced by Berlin missionaries. It is actually a pretty big undertaking President Kosak even had to close down quite a few programs just to be able to send us few missionaries down there. So it is a pretty interesting situation. Oh and by the way I will be a district leader while I am down there too. Oh yeah and I completely forgot to mention where I was even going. So I am being transferred to Weimar. Which is apparently a small town with a lot of history and it is very pretty as well or at least that is what a member here in Bremerhaven told me.
So in case you couldn't already tell a lot of what has been on my mind recently has been about this new position as a district leader and being sent to an entirely different mission and still being expected to keep the rules of my own mission. Because apparently I have heard there rules are really different down there. Some have even said that is somewhat to say a party mission--not entirely sure what that means by any standard but nevertheless I hope that no conflicts arise while I am down there and will try to keep to the standard that I have been asked to keep.
So there are a lot of exciting things going on in the mission right now. Including one of them being that we are all going to be getting iPad minis. I don't remember if I have actually talked about them before but this is something that they have been telling us about since I arrived in Germany and actually even longer than that for the missionaries before me. But apparently we will be getting them this month and having a big mission conference about technology.
I guess some of the unfortunate things about leaving or about getting this new position are that I will be missing two baptisms that will be happening in the next couple weeks. And of course because it was conference weekend and there were only a few members here and there for the conference sessions at the church I wasn't able to get pictures with some of the members in the branch like I wanted to. But honestly it is fine and I am kind of liking the pattern of my mission so far, and by that I mean 3 transfers in each area. I think that is the perfect amount of time to be in an area, with 4 transfers being the uttermost I would want to be in one place. The next area that I am going to is actually smaller than Bremerhaven and also a lot more Germans and a lot less foreigners so we will see how things go done there. Although I am already convinced that success is possible in any kind of area. 
Other random things that happened this week is that we took Alex, one of our investigators who is getting baptized this Saturday, which I will not be there for once again, we took him to go finding with us last Wednesday. And we actually ending up finding five new people so that was pretty cool. But it was actually kind of funny because of how nervous he was and just kind of repeated the things we said right after we said them. But it was cool and it made finding a little bit more exciting for once. Maybe someday we can get him to go on a mission. Seeing as he is still 21 only a few months older than me actually. And on Saturday, 5 other missionaries and I snuck into a church building and hid in the cellar for about a half hour. In order to surprise the senior couple that was going home. Didn't really surprise them.....because Elder Wild and I got caught hiding behind bushes when they were going into the building. We totally thought those bushes were thick enough to not be seen....guess we were wrong.  It must've looked pretty sketchy to see two guys in suits hiding quite clearly behind these bushes.
Well I thought this week I would have a lot of interesting things to say but it ended up about the same as usual. Haha well I hope you all had just as an eventful week as me and that you all enjoyed general conference as much as I did. I pray and hope for all your happiness. Until next time!

Elder Foster

Random Favortie Quotes of this Conference:
-RM does not mean retired Mormon
-Don't be a Latter-Day-Sinner, Quitter, or Hypocrite
-The Church is stronger than it has ever been!

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