Monday, January 26, 2015

Familie Abend? Na! Bulgarischer Abend!

Hallo Hallo Hallo,

Zuerst werde ich gerne eine Schriftstelle teilen.
"Vertrau auf den Herrn und tu das Gute, bleib wohnen im Land und bewahre Treue! Freu dich innig am Herrn! Dann gibt er dir, was dein Herz begehrt. Befiehl dem Herrn deinen Weg und vertrau auf ihm; er wird es fügen. Er bringt deine Gerechtigkeit heraus wie das Licht und dein Recht so hell wie den Mittag." Psalm 36,3-6

Well hello everyone! How do you do? I wonder if anybody reads these anymore...haha just kidding. But anyways this week was interesting as they usually always are. And as usual I have no idea to go about writing what happened. It seems that our efforts in finding people seems to no longer be a problem but keeping those same people is a another story. It seems that every appointment that we set up seems to fall out except for a few of them. One of them being the most interesting in all reality and funnily enough the place where we find the most people is in the sketchiest part of town. Basically in the general area of where we actually live if I want to put it honestly. Haha the scriptural story of Alma and his brethren who were preaching unto the Zoramites remind me of our current situation and the first few verses go like so..."1 And it came to pass that they did go forth, and began to preach the word of God unto the people, entering into their synagogues, and into their houses; yea, and even they did preach the word in their streets. 2 And it came to pass that after much labor among them, they began to have success among the poor class of people; for behold, they were cast out of the synagogues because of the coarseness of their apparel. 3 Therefore they were not permitted to enter into their synagogues to worship God, being esteemed as filthiness; therefore they were poor; yea, they were esteemed by their brethren as dross; therefore they were poor as to things of the world; and also they were poor in heart." That is basically our story here in Bremerhaven.

To continue a little bit of what I talked about last week. We met with the Bulgarian family again and they were surprising glad to see us. And of course the language barrier was still there with only the 14 and 15 year old sons able to speak with us on basic levels. However we still had our handy dandy Google translator nearby! We ended up staying there for the next two hours because we have to talk to each other through the computer. I really don't know if I have ever seen such a sincere family with the desire to know about the gospel. They even had their own questions and asked about random things that I wouldn't have even thought about, for instance like circumcision and if that needs to happen. We ended up talking about baptism with this whole family and they of course expressed their desire to do so but are afraid because they had thought that they all needed to be older and are not sure when they all should be baptized. Not to mention they are missing a lot of the basic knowledge even surrounding baptism in general. But what I thought was the most amazing thing about meeting with them is that they only have one Book of Mormon, because we only had one in Bulgarian. But despite that they all had read a chapter each day since we gave it to them, each one of them passing it on to the next person as they finished the chapter. Now that is amazing to me. That is better than some missionaries who are on their missions, let alone many members in the church. It really is quite sad to meet so many foreigners in Germany and to find that they are so ready for the gospel, yet their German is lacking so much that they cannot fully become a part of the ward or branch because of it. But however I am planning to bring by a Book of Mormon in German so that it can help them to learn German. I mean it helps me and many other missionaries to learn German so why not them?

Something else possibly worth note of sharing was last week when we were during our usual family home evening with one of the members. Elder Pilling and I sang a few hymns for our spiritual thought. He played the piano and sang while I just sang. I had never done anything like that before or with any of the members in Germany. It was a nice little experience to say the least.  I am just trying to give you the image in your head of me singing in German in some faraway place in Germany in some German member's home. Haha. I am just trying to give you pictures in your head of my comings and goings in Germany because I am horrible at taking pictures. I just always miss the perfect opportunities.

Anyway, to give you another view of my possible future as a missionary…Last week after district meeting, President Kosak came to the church in Bremen where we were having district meeting, in order to talk to the Zone leaders that were already there. However he ended up talking to our whole District as well and after said random 45 minute discussion with President and my District. We all began to head our ways back to our areas and of course, President still needed to talk to the Zone Leaders. But before leaving he got a hold of me and told me that I was a one of his potential candidates as a district and zone leader. So that is a very imposing responsibility in the near future. In one sense it is almost exciting, but in another sense it also brings a feeling of inadequacy. That is essentially the mission itself though. You are either going forward or backwards, there is no in-between. The better you do and the more that you become, the more the feelings of inadequacy come and the more the influence of evil one tries to bring you down. And so I pray for the direction of the Holy Spirit that anxiety may be replaced by inspiration without wishing to look back, but rather to note the progress of myself now. And I also pray that I will place my "trust in the Lord and do good"" so that it may also be said of me, as it was of Joseph of old, as I live as an example of the gospel of Jesus Christ," can we find such a one as this, a man in whom the Spirit of God is?" (Gen. 41:38)

God lives. Jesus is the Christ. This is His church. This is my humble witness to you today. And I hope all is well back home or wherever you may be. I pray and think of you always.


Elder Foster



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