Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Verkünde aller Welt die frohe Nachricht

Hallo und Hallo,

I guess some things never change. I remember when I was in the MTC and I struggled to think of something to say and even now whilst in the mission field do I sometimes find it hard to think of something to say. Or at least how to start these things you might call letters. Well its cold in Germany or shall I say its pretty wet. You can't seem to escape from the wetness. I have never before in my life really had to worry about mold as much as I have now in my life. Just this morning actually I was scrubbing off mold from the walls in the bathroom and then spraying it with anti-mold spray. Just imagine black spots of mold suddenly appearing on the ceiling and high parts of the walls over night. But easily managed with the proper care and attention. 

Yeah this week was like most other weeks unfortunately. You just push forward and make progress here and there a little. As the winter slowly approaches the work also slows down in itself. Less and less people are on the streets and doors are not opened as frequently. And also something else I found out or am experiencing is that whether a missionary is in his last transfer or still has a year left on his mission or more. They can still be just as distracted or as unmotivated. I will just have to try to be an example as much as I can even if I am the junior companion. Although this last week I had my second experience being the senior companion when my companion went on exchange with the Stadthagen Elders and the trainee came to me in Hannover. At first I was a little nervous but then things turned out pretty great actually. We even gave the very first lesson together to a brand new investigator that we found prior. And I am very happy to report that it went quite well and that she is very excited to meet with us again and come to church next week. It is when these kind of things happen or these little miracles that make me so very grateful to be a missionary. I mean this lady just lost her husband about a year ago and she doesn't really have anybody close to her here in Germany because she is originally from Russia. But it was just so satisfying to hear her say at the end of the lesson that her heart felt lighter. That is truly the rest the Lord offers us through his spirit. 

Other things that have been going on around me is that last saturday there were six different demostrations going on in Hannover and the Saturday before that there was a Nazi demonstration. Haha there was a lot of policemen at Hauptbahnhof (Main-train station) that day. There was even a demostration for "Pro Babytragen" haha which means they are pro for babies being carried or held. That babies need more physical interaction. Haha kind of random. Also I don't think anywhere else on my mission will I have more african food than I have had while being here in Hannover it is just a fact. Also on Saturday I gave my first two blessings to some member's kids. If there is anything that is going to be hard about leaving Hannover someday it is that I will have to leave behind some of the new converts and investigators and members behind. You don't really want to leave them but at the same time you don't want to stay in the same area for too long. I will have to be sure to get some pictures with them. I haven't been very good with taking pictures unfortunately. So I am sorry to all those who may have been wanting to see more pictures of me and all that. But I think I am ready to leave Hannover. Not that I don't enjoy being here and that I haven't had good experiences here. I just feel like its time to go somewhere new. The Hannover days will soon be coming to an end or if not after this next week then probably only one more transfer here. 

Last time I talked a little bit about my newly found interest in scriptures or that I now have a little collection of German bibles. And as much as I am grateful for the interest I have found in scriptures and in other written materials from prophets and books about doctrine and that Heavenly Father has helped me grow this interest in them. And even Jospeh Smith himself had old editions of the scriptures in Latin, Hebrew, German and Greek languages. But I thank God even more for the Gift of the Holy Ghost. I have got some of the oldest written scriptures in the world, but I have the got the oldest book in my heart, The Holy Ghost. It is within me and its comprehends more than the world. And I will associate myself with it. And that is something worth sharing with the world. I know that if I continue to follow the leadings of the spirit, it will always lead me right. Sometimes it may be contrary to my judgement, but if I stay true to its whisperings. With time it will become a principle of revelation so that I will be able to know all things. 

I hope all is well wherever you are right now. And I hope that my small writings have helped bring some kind of joy to your day. 

Elder Foster

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