Monday, September 8, 2014

Der Anfang und Das Ende

Zones Oldenburg & Hannover

 September 8, 2014

One transfer down and fifteen more to go! That is both a big and small number in this case. There is both enough time and not enough time. An ever increasing thought in my head is that before I know it the end will be here. The mission will be over and it will all feel just like a dream. Unfortunately during my first transfer here I have been around too many missionaries that were leaving or this was their last transfer and once again my new companion who I will be finishing training with is also leaving this next transfer. So I have had far too much time looking at myself in the beginning of the mission and looking at all the missionaries at the end of their mission. I only hope I can see continual progress in everything that I do. This next transfer I will be staying in Hannover and my new companion is named Elder Collins.

It is one of those okay weeks you have after having had a really good week. Except for my austausch with Elder Weber and that we met with one of our investigators three times this week. First lets talk about the investigator his name is S. Who I only said a little about in my last letter. So he is from Iraq and he is 23 years old. And originally his baptismal date was set for October 12th. But because he took the lessons so well and has been keeping his commitments far better than anyone else has and has a strong testimony and just a great guy in general. We changed his baptismal date to the 14th of September. But unfortunately because he is from Iraq and he doesn't exactly have a visa or I am not quite sure what he has but he is here legally. We may or may not be able to baptize him this coming weekend. Which is pretty unfortunate because he doesn't even want to go back to Iraq, ever! We even asked him. And he said,"Why would I ever want to go back to Iraq, I want to stay here in Germany for the rest of my life?" and we were like yeah I know right? So yeah because of the rules it probably won't happen this coming week. But I have hope because as soon as he gets the okay from the mission president I know he will get baptized. So I shouldn't worry about it.

So the other memorable thing this week was my austausch with Elder Weber in Nienburg. And both of us are new missionaries so yeah it was quite different for both of us because there is no trainer to bail you out if you don't understand what they are saying or if you are not sure what to say yourself. And I am happy to say that both of us can totally do it! Woo! Haha In fact I think I actually learned more on my austausch with Elder Weber than I felt like I did with my trainer Elder Lyon the whole week. So it was kind of the highlight of the week knowing that I really can do this missionary stuff on my own in the German language. We even gave out a couple Book of Mormons and got some contact information and even got a referral, which referrals are almost nonexistent unfortunately.

Oh and I almost forgot about some eating appointments I had this week that we pretty interesting. Okay so this week I had my first Fufu which is an african food that we had at one of our african members house. And this lady her name is D invited all the other missionaries to her house to have Fufu. So we get there and wait there for a little bit and then she finally comes out of the kitchen and has bowls of food already made for each and every one of us. And basically what is inside this bowl is a red somewhat spicy broth and then a bunch of chicken and then a big pile of fufu which looks and feels like a softer bread dough blob. And then you just eat it all with your hands so you're just sitting there sticking your hands into this chicken fufu blob soup and it is quite a sizeable portion. And of course I get the most amount of fufu in my soup and she is like eat it all! But what is funny is that so at first I only thought there was chicken and fufu in the bowl. But then the other Elders were asking what kind of fish did she use.And I am like what?! There is fish in there? And then I look at the odd piece of bone I am holding in my left hand. And I am like hey, that's a fish head and I even look a little bit harder and I am like hey, there is an eyeball on this side. And I look on the other side and there is no eyeball. So I had basically already ate this entire fish head without realizing it because I thought everything inside was chicken. So I am just sitting there saying really? Because I am the one who got the most fufu and got the fish head. So i finally finish my bowl and of course I am the last one finished eating. I am already way full. And then blam! She comes out with a giant pan of rice and cooked meat and vegetables and serves us all up a whole new plate of food. I never wanted to take a nap so bad in my life after eating that meal. It took some real energy to eat all that.

Later that week the Sisters invited the Elders to come to this eating appointment for a member whose birthday it was. And that day while we were in the middle of traveling on the bahns to get there it gets pushed to another time so the other set of Elders couldn't make it to the next time because of an appointment they had during that same time. And then we almost didn't go because we were given bad directions and we were gonna be late. But the Sisters insisted that we come. So we finally get there and it is just us, the Sisters and the lady whose birthday it is and her little children which neither of them were older than 5. A giant table is filled with KFC and McDonalds food. And of course what do you know we were insisted to eat everything and you aren't just going to refuse the Sister on her birthday and she did buy it all. So basically me and Elder Lyon saved the sisters that day from utter food destruction. And even during the meal Elder Lyon looks at me with a cup full of fries and whispers "help me!" Yeah so that was a pretty interesting experience as well and glad we went to make it a merry event for this Sister and her children and I am sure the american food was to please the missionaries so it all worked out.

Well that is about all the time I have. Hopefully my letter made you laugh just a little bit and brought a smile to your face. I am doing well here in Germanland. I hope everyone is doing well back home and I have not forgotten to keep all of you in my prayers as well.

Mit reuegem Herz und zerknirschtem Geist,

Elder Foster


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