Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Herzlich Willkommen zu Deutschland

Moin, moin!


So this is my first letter, straight from a internet cafe in Germany. And this keyboard is already bothering me haha. But wow what to say it is almost surreal to be honest. And unfortunately I do not have a lot of time to write this letter so let's do this. So first and foremost the airplane wasn't as bad as I though it was going to be. I even met a man from Holland who owns part of a brewing company. His name is Harry and he is also my first rejection. Woo missionary work haha! He was a really nice guy though and fun to talk with. It is kinda funny though you do all these different transfers from trains to buses to plains to more buses. And you finally get to a church in Tiergarten in Berlin. Where we unload all our stuff and finally feel like you can relax. And somewhere in between an entire day has been lost in the travel-time paradox portal. And then your tricked into thinking you can relax for a bit when they give you food. Then boom! You are all put into color coded groups. And carted off to different rooms so you can sign a bunch of different papers and get your debit cards and what not. And then you get to go on your first finding session with an experienced missionary. Even though you're looking outside and thinking wasn't it also morning when we left for Germany? Why has the day restarted? It was really fun though and I felt like I got to go to one of the cooler areas for my first finding session. I got to go to Neu Kölln which is basically the ghetto of Berlin or little Istanbul to other people. For the half hour me and Elder Loitz were there though we placed a book of mormon so that was cool and we had a nice conversation with a man from kamaroon, africa. Whoa I have a lot to talk about. Kind of strange after having almost nothing to say while at the MTC. So eventually that is done and you head back have dinner and we are all interviewed by the mission president before we leave to a hotel that they booked for us. Let us sleep in thankfully. Which didn't help me a ton because I woke up at 4 in the monring and was ready to go, so I just layed in bed for another 4 hours. The next day we head back to the church where we meet our trainers and find out where we are headed. So I found out that my trainer's name is Elder Lyon he has already been here for 2 years basically and leaves after this transfer which is 6 weeks. We are supposed to have trainers for 12 weeks so I am not sure how that is going to work for me. But anyways I found out that I am going to the Hannover area of Germany and not just the area but the actual city itself. So a big city for me right out of the gate. I also got really lucky with the apartment that I am staying in and everything, it is a pretty nice apartment. It is a bettter aparment than I ever hope to have when I first head back home and go to college that is for sure. And even one of the elders who completed his mission and had his parents come get him. Gave me a suit and it even fits and is a nice suit and said i could have the guitar he left at the aparment. So I must've had some kind of magical luck saved up. But wow what else haha. There is so much more to talk about and I only have 8 minutes left. I haven't even told you about some of the people I have taught or met or even something that I consider to be a miracle. Or that this last sunday during our Mittagessen Termin (Lunch appointment) and the awkwardness and deliciousness of all that. Let's just say it is not so fun when you can only understand half of what is going on around you. But anyways I have some investigators to tell you about later. My first lesson was with two men from Nigeria, Fred and David, so it was actually all in English. But oh goodness they are ready. As well as some other people. Haha anyways my time is all but ran out. Hopefully next time I can be a bit more specific and share more about the people I teach. And just remember everyone Germany Berlin Mission = GBM = Great Baptizing Mission.



Elder Foster

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  1. Love love love! It's awesome you are there safe and sound and that you are experiencing people who are ready to accept the doctrine. I am also grateful that you are immersing yourself into all of this and knowing that it's an amazing opportunity to relish life in a new country among new people.